Windows Firewall ICS Services Missing
Friday, February 27th, 2009 | Author:

There are times when the Windows remove the firewall service thinking it as a harmful application OR the Windows Firewall service may also disappear if you make make major changes with your Network Adapter. And when every you try to click to manage Firewall it will give you an error that “No Service was configured”. There is a very simple way to fix this problem.

— Backup the Registry of your computer and save it on a safe place.

— Now look for another computer who has the same edition of Windows running on it as that on your computer, along with the Server Pack.

— Backup the below registry key that stores the Service information for Windows Firewall, with the export option:


— Restore it on the Computer which has the missing serviceĀ  and Reboot.

Once the computer it online you will see that the Windows Firewall Service/ICS is back in the list and you should be able to manage it again.

P.S: Restoring the key from a computer which does not match your Windows OS edition or Service Pack would make your system unbootable.