MSSQL WebAdmin ASP.NET ENT Manager in Plesk show Virus
Saturday, May 23rd, 2009 | Author:

We have recently had this complain from our various Shared hosting as well as Dedicated Server hosting clients that MSSQL Webadmin ASP .NET Enterprise Manager is having a virus / trojan on it. When the first complain arrived we too thought that there seems to be a problem with the server and might be MSSQL Webadmin ASP .NET Enterprise Manager has got an injection in it. But after receiving too many complains from most of our dedicated server clients we started investigating the problem and now we knew that this is something that has happen globally. After viewing MSSQL Webadmin ASP .NET Enterprise Manager on Plesk server it looked as the picture below:


We understood that the problem was not with the mssql.domain_name link but the virus alert only happened after click on ASP .NET Enterprise Manager, Recomended this site. And the link was:

Since the site was not hosted with us we had a sigh of relief that the problem is not with the server however we thought we still have a security problem if the link has been injected into ASP .NET Manager site in IIS, may be due to a security issue with Plesk control panel. And after checking several servers we came to know that the problem has happened to the site that is recommended on MSSQL Webadmin site and not the server.

If you want to remove this link from your server as well as from the MSSQL WebAdmin site then follow the steps below:

1. Login into the server through RDP with Administrator user.
2. Go to D:\inetpub\vhosts\sqladmin\mssql\app
3. Open the navbar.aspx page in notepad
4. Go to line number 119 and remove the code below:

<!-- Begin Referral Script -->
<a onclick="'http://','referralWindow' ,'width=350,height=520,scrollbars=yes,menubar=no,resizable=yes'); refWindow.focus(); return false;" target=_blank href="http://">
<IMG alt="Click Here To Tell A Friend" src="images/tellafriend.gif" border=0></A>
<!-- Begin Referral Script -->

5. Save the file and exit.

This problem must have infected millions of computer in the world. Let see when chinese hacker stop putting their shit on other’s website and get mature.