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MSSQL WebAdmin ASP.NET ENT Manager in Plesk show Virus
Saturday, May 23rd, 2009 | Author:

We have recently had this complain from our various Shared hosting as well as Dedicated Server hosting clients that MSSQL Webadmin ASP .NET Enterprise Manager is having a virus / trojan on it. When the first complain arrived we too thought that there seems to be a problem with the server and might be MSSQL Webadmin ASP .NET Enterprise Manager has got an injection in it. But after receiving too many complains from most of our dedicated server clients we started investigating the problem and now we knew that this is something that has happen globally. After viewing MSSQL Webadmin ASP .NET Enterprise Manager on Plesk server it looked as the picture below:


About ASP .NET
Saturday, May 02nd, 2009 | Author:

What is ASP.NET?

ASP.NET, a higher version of ASP, is a programming framework used to create enterprise-class Web Applications. These applications are available to the entire world providing efficient information to their end users. ASP .NET has far more advantages than just a next version of ASP. And it is easily available to configure and use no matter if you have a Dedicated server or a Shared hosting account.

Why to use ASP.NET?